ACSM/NYSHSI Youth Fitness Specialist Certificate
ACSM/NYSHSI Youth Fitness Specialist Certificate

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The NYSHSI/ACSM Youth Fitness Specialist Certificate online course is designed for professionals who want to better understand the unique exercise physiology and needs of children and young athletes.

The course draws from the text ACSM's Essentials of Youth Fitness and comprises three parts divided into a total of 16 modules, with the end goal of providing course-takers with the information they need to help youth of all ages and abilities participate in evidence-based training programs.

ACSM’s Essentials of Youth Fitness e-book will be used as the primary resource for the course and for the certificate exam at the end of the course. The e-book is included in the price of the course.

Who should take this course? Students (both undergraduate and graduate), fitness professionals, coaches, youth sports administrators, parents, teachers and healthcare providers.

Authors of the ACSM/NYSHSI Youth Fitness Specialist certificate course and ACSM’s Essentials of Youth Fitness: Avery D. Faigenbaum, Rhodri S. Lloyd, and Jon L. Oliver.

Course Sections

Part 1 – Fundamental Concepts
• Module 1 - Physical Activity and Children’s Health
• Module 2 - Principles of Pediatric Exercise Science
• Module 3 - Growth, Maturation, and Physical Fitness
• Module 4 - Long-Term Athlete Development
• Module 5 - Pedagogy for Youth Fitness Specialists

Part 2 – Youth Fitness Development
• Module 6- Assessing Youth Fitness
• Module 7 - Dynamic Warm-Up and Flexibility
• Module 8 - Motor Skill Training
• Module 9 - Strength and Power Training
• Module 10 - Speed and Agility Training
• Module 11 - Aerobic and Anaerobic Training
• Module 12 - Integrative Program Design

Part 3 – Contemporary Issues
• Module 13 - Young Athletes and Sport Participation
• Module 14 - Exercise for Overweight and Obese Youth
• Module 15 - Exercise for Youth with Selected Clinical Conditions
• Module 16 - Nutrition for Youth

All course content will be presented to you electronically upon completion of your purchase. This includes all videos, interactives, quizzes and certificates (certificates awarded upon successful completion of the quizzes). 

ACSM's Essentials of Youth Fitness ebook is included in this purchase.  Upon completion of your transaction, you will receive an access code with instructions for ebook access within 3 business days.

This course expires one year (365 days) from the date of purchase. You must complete all of the course content prior to the expiration date. ACSM will not offer refunds, transfers, or course credits for uncompleted courses prior to their expiration date, or for duplicate purchases. ACSM does not allow substitutions, refunds or credits for this course.  

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