IPE 2022 | To Endure is Everything: New Discoveries in...
IPE 2022 | To Endure is Everything: New Discoveries in...

IPE 2022 | To Endure is Everything: New Discoveries in the Science of Endurance Exercise 


By Andrew Jones

The physiological determinants of endurance performance are widely accepted to be the maximal oxygen uptake, the lactate threshold, and economy or efficiency. However, studies demonstrate that these factors are not static but rather are dynamic variables that change with time as fatigue develops during endurance exercise. This has given rise to the notion of a “fourth dimension” in endurance sports physiology, namely fatigue resistance or resilience.

This lecture explores this concept and considers whether endurance sports champions achieve their success at least in part as a consequence of superior resilience.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Recognize the classical physiological variables and their interaction, which have been used to explain endurance exercise performance;
  2. Appreciate that these variables deteriorate during fatiguing exercise, with substantial inter-individual variability, leading to the concept of “resilience” as an additional determinant of performance; and
  3. Understand the physiological, nutritional and biomechanical interventions that might enhance resilience.

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