IPE 2022 | COVID-19 and Cardiovascular Health in Athletes...
IPE 2022 | COVID-19 and Cardiovascular Health in Athletes...

IPE 2022 | COVID-19 and Cardiovascular Health in Athletes and Highly Active People


John Quindry; Tracy Baynard; Jonathan Kim; Benjamin Levine; Meagan Wasfy

This symposium features three expert physician scientists providing clinical and research insights into the emergent topic of COVID-19 and cardiovascular health in athletes and highly active people.

  • Kim provides evidence that post-COVID-19 return-to-play guidelines largely follow existing guidelines for illnesses with cardiovascular involvement (e.g., myocarditis, other viruses);
  • Levine provides evidence that many cardiovascular facets of long-haul COVID parallel unrelated conditions with an autonomic component (e.g., postural orthostatic tachycardic syndrome); and
  • Wasfy provides an overview of new findings about myocarditis and COVID-19 infection. These findings indicate that existing criteria for evaluating cardiac recovery apply to post-COVID-19 patients, and that mRNA vaccine-triggered incidents of myocarditis are rare, albeit more likely in males.

While COVID-19 has proved to be a once-in-a-lifetime viral pandemic, treatment, evaluation and recovery following cardiovascular involvement are generally similar to patients recovering from non-COVID-19 illnesses.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn about return-to-play recommendations in post-COVID-19 patients;
  2. Learn about COVID-19-related myocarditis following both viral infection and mRNA vaccination; and
  3. Gain an understanding about the parallels between cardiac involvement during and following a protracted COVID-19 infection and related complications that feature autonomic disturbances to the cardiovascular system.

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