2023 Summit - The Research, Relevance, and Reality
2023 Summit - The Research, Relevance, and Reality

The Research, Relevance, and Reality of Brain Health: Science-Supported Strategies for Physical Activity in Older Adults


Presented by Audrey Collins

The brain is broadly and unequivocally affected by physical activity. Despite existing gaps in the literature, we have the opportunity to improve brain health in older adults through evidence-based practice. This course will describe realistic and meaningful strategies for promoting the adoption of lifestyle behaviors in older adults, ultimately aimed at maintaining and improve aspects of brain health across the lifespan.

This course will:

  • Review scientific evidence about the relationship between aspects of brain health and physical activity;
  • Explore the brain health-specific additions (Chapter 11) to the 11th edition of ACSM’s Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription;
  • Translate the latest research and recommendations into evidence-based practice;
  • Identify relevant considerations for exercise professionals working with the older adult population; and
  • Discuss meaningful strategies to engage members of the older adult population in lifestyle behaviors that promote brain health.

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