2023 Summit - From Fitness to Wellness to Well-Being
2023 Summit - From Fitness to Wellness to Well-Being

From Fitness to Wellness to Well-Being - An evolution of Worksite Health Promotion


Presented by Reed Engel

The field of health promotion has evolved significantly over time, but never more so than in the last few decades as we’ve witnessed a movement from “fitness” to “wellness.” Now we are in the midst of another transition, this time from “wellness” to “well-being.”

This session will review the latest developments in our profession, provide real-world examples of this evolutionary process and position health promotion professionals to be at the forefront of this opportunity with programs and services to meet consumer demand.

Course-takers will be able to:

  • Describe the evolution from fitness to wellness to well-being;
  • Understand real-world examples of well-being programs and services; and
  • Apply these growth opportunities within their existing and new markets.

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