HFJ: Sept-Oct 2019 CEC Course #3
HFJ: Sept-Oct 2019 CEC Course #3

ACSM's Health & Fitness Journal®: September - October 2019 CEC Course #3: Effective Strategies to Increase Physical Activity in the Working Years

By Lisa Ferguson-Stegall, Ph.D., FACSM and Jennifer Dysterheft Robb, Ph.D.

Finding ways to build physical activity and exercise into the daily lives of busy working-age adults can be challenging, especially with ever-increasing opportunities to be sedentary. Helping your clients and patients find creative, feasible, time-efficient, and effective ways to increase their PA and exercise levels is of great importance. Incorporating shorter bouts into the work day and into “down time” at home, and finding enjoyable exercise options that include both traditional and non-traditional modes are all ways to help them enjoy better health and fitness during - and hopefully beyond - the working years.

This course expires on OCTOBER 31, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. according to your time zone.

Learning Objectives

By reading this feature, you will learn more about these practical takeaways:

- Incorporate physical activity breaks into sitting time at work and at home, and reinforce the habit by setting a timer as a reminder to get up and move at least once every hour.

- For individuals with limited time to exercise, but who are willing to exercise intensely, high intensity interval training (HIIT) can be a highly effective way to improve cardiorespiratory fitness. It is important to make sure that the individual is cleared by their physician before recommending this highly intense type of workout.

- Incorporating nontraditional modalities, such as yoga, active commuting, age-group sports, and dance, is a viable way to increase physical activity levels.

- Take your client’s or patient’s goals and activity preferences into consideration when making recommendations or designing an activity plan, and incorporate creative solutions to reduce their sedentary time throughout each day.


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