Autism Exercise Specialist CEC Course
Autism Exercise Specialist CEC Course

By David Geslak, ACSM EP-C

An ACSM/Exercise Connection Autism Exercise Specialist certificate holder is an exercise professional, physical or adapted physical education teacher, physical therapist, recreational therapist, or special education professional (see below) who understands the needs and strategies used with autism when implementing an individual or group exercise program in a gym, home, or classroom setting.

The Autism Exercise Specialist CEC course is the prerequisite to the Autism Exercise Specialist Certificate. The CEC course involves completing Online Modules, which will establish the foundational framework of understanding autism, evidence-based teaching practices, and exercise program design to prepare you to work with those on the autism spectrum.

Once you receive the Certificate of Completion for the CEC course, you have earned 6.00 ACSM CECs and are now qualified to take the in-person workshop for the Autism Exercise Specialist Certificate. More information about the in-person workshops can be found at

Learning Objectives:

The ACSM/EC Autism Exercise Specialist will be able to:

• use standard health assessment tools and when available, school-based or private assessments, to develop the foundation of client's exercise program,

• develop exercise programs and demonstrate exercises by applying evidence-based teaching strategies for those with autism,

• lead and motivate individuals in both an individual and group setting,

• use various instructional strategies (e.g., visual supports, videos, technology) to promote physical activity,

• create a positive exercise experience and enhance social skills, and

• communicate to autism parents, special educators, and other professionals the value of exercise for the autism community.

Qualifications needed to earn the certificate:

NCCA-accredited exercise professionals or licensed occupations whose primary role is to lead exercise programs for individuals with autism

  • Adapted Physical Education Teacher
  • Physical Education Teachers
  • Nurses
  • Special Education Teachers
  • Physical Therapists & PTA’s
  • Occupational Therapists & COTA’s
  • Recreational Therapists
  • Speech-Language Pathologists • Behavioral Specialists (e.g., BCBA)

*Must have current license and be in good standing

The webinar videos within this course were created and edited by Max Gulias, an Exercise Connection staff member, who has autism.


This course includes a demographic survey, online videos, PowerPoints, journal articles, a corresponding online quiz, and a course evaluation.

All course content will be presented to you electronically upon completion of your purchase. This includes all viewing and reading material, quizzes, and certificates (certificates awarded upon successful completion of the quizzes).

No substitutions will be allowed for this CEC course. CEC course only. This course is not an ACSM certification. Access to this content is available for 1 year (365 days) from the date of purchase.

For questions related to your online CEC courses or purchases, please email

Available Course Credits

ACSM 6.00 (Online Modules)

Course Procedure

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To earn your CECs, you will view the course content, pass the quiz (you must earn 80% or better to pass), and print your Certificate of Completion.

To earn the Autism Exercise Specialist Certificate, go to to register for the in-person or virtual workshop. You will need to upload a copy of your Certificate of Completion from this CEC course during the registration process. During the in-person or virtual workshop, you must complete and pass the in-person workshop case study exam. (You must earn 80% or better to pass).


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