Annual Meeting 2023 | Using Wearable Sensors
Annual Meeting 2023 | Using Wearable Sensors

Annual Meeting 2023 | Using Wearable Sensors and Big Data to Identify Digital Biomarkers in Sleep, Health, and Exercise Performance


This course focuses on the use of wearable sensors and big data to better understand sleep, health, and exercise performance. Topics include the epidemiology of sleep as suggested by big data from commercial sleep trackers, digital biomarkers related to physical activity and health in clinical and population-based applications, research designed to develop and apply novel sensor-based measures of functional health in pharmaceutical trials, and findings from a study of 4,600 participants and more than 37,000 runs suggesting preferred running speeds are dictated by energetics.

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This course includes an online video from ACSM’s 2023 Annual Meeting and presentation evaluations.

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