ACSM's 2021 Annual Meeting - Nutrition Track Bundle
ACSM's 2021 Annual Meeting - Nutrition Track Bundle

This collection of lectures highlights current research and best practices on the interactions between nutrition, health, and human performance. Specific topics include the role of macronutrients and energy flux in exercise adaptation and body composition regulation; the effects of calories, carbohydrate, and food quality on weight control; the importance of time restricted eating plans, fasting, and exercise timing on appetite, health, and performance; fad diets and misinformation in nutrition; best practices in dietary nitrate and beta alanine supplementation; and the unique role of diet in cancer control and active youths.

  • Beyond Carbs: The Role of Protein and Fat in the Promotion of Exercise Adaptation
    Craig Sale, FACSM, Stuart Phillips, FACSM, Bettina Mittendorfer, Louise Burke, FACSM
  • Standing up for Sports Nutrition in the Age of Scienciness
    Louise Burke, FACSM
  • Carbs, Calories, or Quality? What Matters Most for Weight Control
    Kevin Hall
  • The PaleoKetoVeganMacroFasting Diet: Stop the Madness!
    Shawn Arent, FACSM
  • Novel Dietary Approaches to Appetite Regulation, Health, and Performance
    Krista Varady, Stella Volpe, FACSM, Kevin Hall, James Betts, FACSM, Javier Gonzalez
  • Dietary Nitrate and Exercise in Clinical Populations
    Mary Woessner, Daniel Hirai, Andrew Coggan, FACSM, Jason Allen, FACSM
  • The Importance of Energy Flux for Body Weight Regulation
    Audrey Bergouignan, Chris Melby, Mark Hopkins, Drew Sayer, James Hill
  • From Hummingbirds to Humans: The Pleiotropic Roles of Beta-Alanine and Increased Carnosine for Exercise and Health
    Craig Sale, FACSM, Eimear Dolan, Bryan Saunders, Jay Hoffman, FACSM, Eric Rawson, FACSM
  • Physical Activity and Diet: Optimizing Combination Care in Cancer Control
    Neil Iyengar, Kathryn Schmitz, FACSM, Connie Rogers
  • WAVE Ripples for Change: Sport Nutrition as a 'Carrot' to Promote Healthy Eating/Life-long PA to Active Youths
    Melinda Manore, FACSM, Megan Patton-Lopez, John Schuna, Jr

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