PINES Symposium: Sport Nutrition Myth Busters
PINES Symposium: Sport Nutrition Myth Busters

PINES Symposium: 10 Questions, 10 Experts:  Sport Nutrition Myth Busters

Athletics and active individuals are constantly bombarded with media messages touting the next miracle product, supplement, diet that promises improved performance, fat loss while gaining lean tissues, and resilience. Some of these myths have been around for years and periodically resurface, while some are new with little evidenced based research to back their claims. Most sports dietitians, physicians and other health professionals working with athletes find it difficult to keep up with these changing claims to respond to the questions they receive.  This session will bring 10 experts together to provide the evidence to respond to these 10 questions around ‘myth busting’.

  1. Omega-3-fatty acids provide a boost that young athletes can’t afford to miss – Professor Lawrence Spriet
  2. There’s only one number to remember when it comes to protein for athletes – 0.3 g/kg – Professor Stuart Phillips
  3. Eating just before bed makes an athlete fat – Professor Mike Ormsbee
  4. A gluten free diet cures marathon gut problems - and there’s so many wonderful things to eat - Dr Trent Stellingwerff
  5. Caffeine should be avoided due to its diuretic effect – Professor Ron Maughan
  6. The vegan diet is unlikely to support optimal performance in athletes due to lack of leucine to trigger muscle protein synthesis – Nancy Clark.
  7. Creatine is bad for your kidneys - Professor Eric Rawson
  8. All athletes need to take Vitamin D – Dr Graeme Close
  9. Females and males respond differently to popular supplements – Professor Louise Burke
  10. Exogenous ketone supplements provide the health and performance effects of fasting and ketogenic diets – Dr Brendan Egan

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify at least three factors that can impact how an athlete responds to a supplement or a change in diet.
  2. List three factors to consider when setting up a research study to answer whether an athlete should use a supplement.
  3. Explain why dietary changes should come before supplementation to reach a nutrient goal.


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