ACSM 2020 Virtual Experience - Technogym
ACSM 2020 Virtual Experience - Technogym

The role of Technology in the future of Exercise Is Medicine®

Silvano Zanuso, PhD, Technogym’s Medical and Scientific Research Director, and Angela Smith, MD, ACSM past president and orthopedic surgeon, discuss the scientific principles that support the use of different types of resistance training for different purposes. This evidence-based presentation describes ACSM’s Exercise Is Medicine initiative and how innovative training machines may benefit clients or patients with particular concerns.

EXCLUSIVE OFFER! Technogym, in collaboration with EIM™, has prepared a unique booklet that gathers much of the published evidence that studies the relationship between the use of endurance and strengthening equipment and the development or treatment of many specific diseases. It provides evidence to support specifics of exercise volume, intensity and modality.

An extract of the booklet is now exclusively available for the ACSM and EIM community. A link to the booklet will be provided in a document after the presentation.


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