ACSM 2020 Virtual Experience - Gatorade Sports Science Inst.
ACSM 2020 Virtual Experience - Gatorade Sports Science Inst.

Beyond Food for Performance – Deep Dive into Supplements and Performance Foods

Join the Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI) for its annual pre-conference. Each 30-minute virtual session will provide the latest on supplements and performance foods.

Caffeine and Exercise Performance: An Update
Lawrence Spriet, PhD l University of Guelph

Caffeine has been used to enhance sports performance for decades. This session will dive into what the latest research recommends – with a particular focus on low doses of caffeine and alternate forms of caffeine ingestion.

Creatine supplementation: What we have Learned from the Past 25 Years
Eric Rawson, PhD, FACSM I Messiah College

Eric Rawson, Ph.D., FACSM answers the big questions related to creatine: Is it well studied? What is the proper dosage? Do creatine supplements work? And, are they safe?

Dietary Nitrate
Andrew M Jones, PhD, FACSM I University of Exeter

This session will dive into the effects that nitrate can have on athlete performance – including the latest scientific research on this supplement that continues to grow in popularity.

Supplements and Athlete Recommendations and Pitfalls
Lisa Heaton, MS, RD, CSSD l Gatorade Sports Science Institute

Gatorade Sports Science Institute’s, Lisa Heaton, discusses common athlete mistakes when it comes to supplementation and how to work with athletes to make safe, effective and smart recommendations.

Special Presentation: GSSI-ACSM Young Investigator in Sports Nutrition Award Recognition

The GSSI-ACSM Young Investigator in Sports Nutrition Award recognizes innovative, high quality research in the field of sports nutrition. We invite you to view the top 3 finalist’s presentations with award placement announced by GSSI Senior Director, James Carter.


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