2024 IDEA & ACSM Health & Fitness Summit Bundle
2024 IDEA & ACSM Health & Fitness Summit Bundle

20 CECs

The IDEA & ACSM Health & Fitness Summit is the ONE place where health fitness professionals like you can explore the full spectrum of the field.

Online Sessions

  • Empowering People with Parkinson's Disease Through Exercise: Putting Research into Action
  • Enhancing the Quality of Muscular Fitness and Balance Evaluation with Portable Movement Sensor Technology
  • Improving the Health of People With Intellectual Disabilities: How Fitness Professionals Can Make a Difference
  • Minimum-effective doses of resistance training: small dose, big gains!
  • Protein Requirements to Support Post-Exercise Recovery
  • Redesigning Personalized Interval Training in Obesity: The Hybrid Model
  • Science-Based Body Weight Interval Training for Clinical Populations
  • To Fast or Feast: An Evidence Based Look at the Social Media Giant Intermittent Fasting
  • Myth Busted: Resistance Training for Youth
  • "Flip the Script - Using Coaching Tactics to Maximize Your Client's Success."
  • 5 Keys to Fitness Leadership Mastery
  • Are You Sure You Are Speaking Their Language?
  • Career Roadmaps: Five Health & Wellness Pros (Nutrition/Personal Training, Health Coaching, University, Research & Worksite Health) share career development tips.
  • Exploring The Transformative Power of Trauma-Informed Care in the Health & Fitness Industry
  • Fitness For All Abilities: Integration Of Individuals With Disabilities Into the Fitness Community
  • Intro to Multiple Sclerosis for fitness and wellness professionals
  • Just Start 1:1 Virtual Personal Training for Profit
  • Creating Connection: Storytelling Strategies that Drive Growth
  • How to film and edit short form recipe videos as fitness and health professionals
  • Inexpensive Marketing for Growth and Profitability

Viewpoints presented in these videos reflect opinions of the presenters and do not reflect positions or policies of ACSM.

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