EXOS Presents: Behavior Upgrade Model - The what and the why
EXOS Presents: Behavior Upgrade Model - The what and the why

Behavior Upgrade Model - The what and the why

All human behavior has a purpose, even if it means resisting attempts by their trainers and coaches to change them. Change has its own dynamics, and coming to grips with how people both collaborate and resist attempts to change them is a core element of what we define as "coachability". In this course, you will learn to guide clients to adopt healthy behavior change using toolkits from Motivational and Self-Determination science, as well as understanding the elements of emotional intelligence that impact on successful interactions between trainer and client.

Viewpoints presented in this webinar reflect opinions of the presenter and EXOS and do not reflect positions or policies of ACSM.

Learning Objectives:

• Introduce the EXOS Behavior Upgrade Model.

• Discuss each of the five steps of the model.

• Understand three key behavioral qualities that impact the model.

• Contrast the model in theory with the model in reality when practically applied.


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