EXOS Presents: Integrating Nutrition Into Training
EXOS Presents: Integrating Nutrition Into Training

EXOS Presents: Integrating Nutrition Into Training

Coaching your clients on their nutritional strategy is more than just communicating basic concepts, discussing current research, or making a meal plan. During this presentation, we will discuss our nutrition-coaching model and share our approach on guiding your client to connect their nutritional strategy to overall life and not just their body composition. We will utilize the EXOS performance nutrition principles as a framework you can use to systematically help your clients upgrade nutritional behaviors that will play a significant role in maximizing energy, improving recovery, and creating a new nutrition "normal" that they can sustain throughout their life.

Viewpoints presented in this webinar reflect opinions of the presenter and EXOS and do not reflect positions or policies of ACSM.

Learning Objectives:

• Understand EXOS nutrition methodology

• Enhance base level nutrition knowledge

• Leverage EXOS nutrition principles to identify nutrition strategies for recovery

• Discover additional educational resources to continue learning


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