2019 Summit – CEC Video Bundle
2019 Summit – CEC Video Bundle

ACSM's 2019 International Health & Fitness Summit CEC Video Bundle

Did you miss ACSM's 2019 International Health & Fitness Summit in Chicago, IL? Was there a session you really want to see again? The International Health & Fitness Summit videos are now available for CECs; featuring all of our most popular sessions!!!

Includes the following courses:

Power of Protein: Quality and Quantity in Healthy Eating Patterns and Sustainable Food Systems - Nancy Rodriguez

Using the Theory of Multiple Intelligences to Better Reach our Participants - Sally Sherman

Workshop: Dynamic Programming for Active Aging - Erika Quest

Workshop: Prescreening, Programming and Everything In Between: Interactive Case Study Scenarios - Yuri Feito and Brad A. Roy

Farm to Fork to Fitness Professional - Joshua Hockett

The Power of Positive Psychology - Mary Yoke

Is there a 'Breakfast of Champions' for Improving Health and Well-being? - Heather Leidy

Closing the Gap on Seamless Referrals from Doctors in Your Community - Elizabeth A. Joy, Walter R. Thompson, and June E. Kahn

Resistance Training for the Mass(es) - Stuart Phillips

Is 70 the new 40? Research update on nutrition, aging, and exercise - Bob Murray and Christine Rosenbloom

Workshop: Coach It Up!...Coaching and Cueing Proper Movement - Tony Maloney and Rebecca Langton

How to Make the Most of Movement Screening Results - Lee Burton

Mind Over Matter: A Simple Path to Wellness - Sally Sherman

Mini-Workshop: Targeting Physical Function in Middle Age A New Necessity? - Christie Ward-Ritacco

The Dr. Bortz Lecture: Helping Baby Boomers Stay Functional: Exercise and Dietary Protein as Key Strategies for Body Composition Management and Successful Aging - Ellen Evans

ALSO includes the following BONUS CONTENT! Please note: These sessions below are NOT eligible for CECs.

Keynote: The 6 Key Concepts that Will Absolutely Change the Way You Prescribe Exercise! - Timothy S. Church

Workout: LES MILLS GRITÿ Cardio The Science-backed HIIT Workout - Nikki Snow

Workout: Rhythm and Grooves - Alex McLean

Keynote: The Lore of Resistance Training: Bench Science, Bench Press Science, and Bro-science - Eric Rawson

Featured Lecture: Making the Move: Connecting the Science and Application of Physical Activity - Renee J. Rogers & John M. Jakicic

Hot Topic Panel: Popular Dietary Trends- Harmful or Healthy? - Lynn Cialdella-Kam, Amy D. Rickman, Linda Boyer-Samuels, and Kim Schwabenbauer

Friday Group Workout - LaBlast® Dance Fitness: A True HIIT - Louis van Amstel

Workout: LaBlast Fitness - Louis van Amstel

Larry Golding Keynote: EVERY Exercise Professional Should be Prepared to Work with Cancer Patients and Survivors: A Call to Action - Kathryn H. Schmitz

Faculty Forum: The Penn State Model- Bringing Students to Summit - Lori A. Gravish & Joslyn Ahlgren

Hot Topic Panel: Who Should we be HIITing - Peter Ronai, Yuri Feito, Alexis Batrakoulis, and Tony P. Nuñez


This course includes online videos and audio from ACSM's International Health & Fitness Summit and corresponding online quizzes.

All course content will be presented to you electronically upon completion of your purchase. This includes all videos, audios, quizzes, and certificates (certificates awarded upon successful completion of the quizzes).

No substitutions will be allowed for this CEC course.

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ACSM 45.00

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