Lisa Krivickas Travel Award

The Lisa Krivickas Travel Award will be given annually to a female clinician scientist in order to fund travel to the ACSM Annual Meeting. Dr. Krivickas’ research and clinical expertise in Sports Medicine was highly regarded, and she was elected to the Board of Trustees of the American College of Sports Medicine. Dr. Krivickas’ ground-breaking research on muscle fibers related to her interests in how muscles change with physical activity and in neuromuscular diseases. She contributed her great expertise to patients with neuromuscular disease by developing rehabilitation strategies and treatments to improve quality of life and survival. In addition to her research, clinical trials, and clinical care for ALS patients, she courageously volunteered to serve as the first person with ALS treated with a novel, potentially very risky treatment. Her courage and perseverance advanced this line of ALS research treatment by many years. In doing so, she continued serving her patients even when she could no longer care for them clinically.
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Is this donation a tribute