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9/14/2017Group Exercise Instructor Webinar SeriesWebinar DSKLGProceed to Registration
10/19/20172017 NEACSM Fall MeetingProvidenceRINEProceed to Registration
10/19/2017GEI Webinar 6 Group Exercise Programming & ApplicationWebinar DSKLGProceed to Registration
10/20/2017CPT Workshop - Arizona Western CollegeYumaAZCPTProceed to Registration
10/20/2017CPT Workshop - San Pedro and Peninsula YMCASan PedroCACPTProceed to Registration
10/23/20172017 Central States ACSM Fall MeetingSt. CharlesMOCSProceed to Registration
10/24/2017CPT Webinar 1: Fundamentals of Exercise ScienceWebinar DSKLGProceed to Registration
10/24/2017CPT Webinar SeriesWebinar DSKLGProceed to Registration
10/25/2017CEP Webinar 1: Cardiovascular, Metabolic & Pulmonary DiseaseWebinar DSKLGProceed to Registration
10/25/2017CEP Webinar SeriesWebinar DSKLGProceed to Registration
10/25/2017CET Webinar 1: Physiology, Diagnosis and TreatmentWebinar DSKLGProceed to Registration
10/25/2017CET Webinar SeriesWebinar DSKLGProceed to Registration
10/26/2017CIFT Webinar 1: Disability Awareness and ADAWebinar DSKLGProceed to Registration
10/26/2017CIFT Webinar SeriesWebinar DSKLGProceed to Registration
10/26/2017EP-C Webinar 1: Applying the Principles of Exercise ScienceWebinar DSKLGProceed to Registration
10/26/2017EP-C Webinar SeriesWebinar DSKLGProceed to Registration
10/27/2017CPT Workshop - The Orokawa Y in TowsonTowsonMDCPTProceed to Registration
10/31/2017CPT Webinar 2: Cardiovascular Fitness/Risk & AssessmentWebinar DSKLGProceed to Registration
11/1/2017CEP Webinar 2: Applied Exercise PhysiologyWebinar DSKLGProceed to Registration
11/1/2017CET Webinar 2: Clinical, Medical,and Program AdministrationWebinar DSKLGProceed to Registration
11/2/2017CIFT Webinar 2: Exercise Phys & Related Exercise ScienceWebinar DSKLGProceed to Registration
11/2/2017EP-C Webinar 2: Energy Metabolism & Metabolic CalculationsWebinar DSKLGProceed to Registration
11/2/2017GEI: Webinar 1 Group Exercise Principles & ProceduresWebinar DSKLGProceed to Registration
11/2/2017Group Exercise Instructor Webinar SeriesWebinar DSKLGProceed to Registration
11/3/20172017 Mid-Atlantic Chapter Fall MeetingHarrisburgPAMAProceed to Registration