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7/20/2017Group Exercise Instructor Webinar SeriesWebinar DSKLGProceed to Registration
8/15/2017CEP Webinar SeriesWebinar DSKLGProceed to Registration
8/15/2017CIFT Webinar SeriesWebinar DSKLGProceed to Registration
8/16/2017CET Webinar SeriesWebinar DSKLGProceed to Registration
8/16/2017EP-C Webinar SeriesWebinar DSKLGProceed to Registration
8/17/2017CPT Webinar SeriesWebinar DSKLGProceed to Registration
8/22/2017CEP Webinar 2: Applied Exercise PhysiologyWebinar DSKLGProceed to Registration
8/22/2017CIFT Webinar 2: Exercise Phys & Related Exercise ScienceWebinar DSKLGProceed to Registration
8/23/2017CET Webinar 2: Clinical, Medical,and Program AdministrationWebinar DSKLGProceed to Registration
8/23/2017EP-C Webinar 2: Energy Metabolism & Metabolic CalculationsWebinar DSKLGProceed to Registration
8/24/2017CPT Webinar 2: Cardiovascular Fitness/Risk & AssessmentWebinar DSKLGProceed to Registration
8/24/2017GEI Webinar 6 Group Exercise Programming & ApplicationWebinar DSKLGProceed to Registration
8/25/2017CPT Workshop -Downtown Berkeley YMCABerkeleyCACPTProceed to Registration
8/25/2017CPT Workshop -Maplewood Community Center & YMCAMaplewoodMNCPTProceed to Registration
8/25/2017CPT Workshop -Northwest YMCACupertinoCACPTProceed to Registration
8/29/2017CEP Webinar 3: Electrocardiography and Diagnostic TestingWebinar DSKLGProceed to Registration
8/29/2017CIFT Webinar 3: Health Appraisal,Fitness & Clinical ExerciseWebinar DSKLGProceed to Registration
8/30/2017CET Webinar 3: Health Appraisal and Exercise TestingWebinar DSKLGProceed to Registration
8/30/2017EP-C Webinar 3: Designing An Exercise ProgramWebinar DSKLGProceed to Registration
8/31/2017CPT Webinar 3: Kinesiology/Flexibility & AssessmentWebinar DSKLGProceed to Registration
9/5/2017CEP Webinar 4: Rhythm Strip Identification & 12-Lead ECGWebinar DSKLGProceed to Registration
9/5/2017CIFT Webinar 4: Exercise Prescription and ProgrammingWebinar DSKLGProceed to Registration
9/6/2017CET Webinar 4: Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment and EffectsWebinar DSKLGProceed to Registration
9/6/2017EP-C Webinar 4: Pathophysiology & Risk FactorsWebinar DSKLGProceed to Registration
9/7/2017CPT Webinar 4: Resistance Training & AssessmentWebinar DSKLGProceed to Registration