Membership in SEACSM is for one year from the month of payment. SEACSM does not prorate dues. 


Professional Membership- $35
Student Membership- $15

*You can join the SEACSM chapter without being a National member.

The procedure for joining the SEACSM is very simple. Use this link to the online Membership form: Once there select the button at the bottom of the page to "Join Today". There are a number of SEACSM Membership Classifications: 

  • Professional: Shall have earned a bachelor's, master's, doctoral or medical degree at an accredited institution in a field related to health, physical education, exercise science or medicine; or, shall have earned at least a bachelor's degree in another area, but be working in a field related to sports medicine or exercise science.

  • Student: Shall be a full-time undergraduate student or a graduate student carrying at least a half-time load, in a field related to exercise science or sports medicine.

  • Emeritus Membership: Use the following link for SEACSM Emeritus Membership. You must be over 60 years of age, a professional member of SEACSM for at least 5 years, and retired to be considered for :Emeritus Membership