Welcome to the ACSM ProFinder™ service where you can search for professionals who have achieved the "Gold Standard" in credentialing. You may search below by certification/registry level, last name, first name, city, state, zip code, or country. Information on ACSM Certifications.

Already certified? Sign up for the ProFinder. ACSM professionals must give permission to be included in this service. The ProFinder only lists individuals who maintain active ACSM certification or registry status (the required continuing education credits have been earned; professionals whose certification or registry has expired or those in the grace year period are not listed).
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If searching for professionals by state, please enter the appropriate Certification/Registry Level and State.
If searching for professionals by zip code, please enter the appropriate six-digit number in the Postal Code field.
*If there are no search results use a wildcard character in your search. The percent sign character "%" represents any number of characters. Thus the search string “462%”   will find all professionals whose postal code starts with “462”.
If searching for a specific professional, please enter the individual’s Last Name and First Name.
*If you are unsure how to spell a name or city use a wildcard character in your search. The percent sign character "%" represents any number of characters. Thus the search string "Sm%th" will find "Smith", "Smyth", and "Smartsworth".

ACSM does NOT make available contact information for any individuals who have not specifically provided ACSM with permission to do so. Because the ProFinder is an “opt-in” list, the specific certified professional you are looking for may not appear.

You may contact the ACSM Certification Department by phone or e-mail to verify the certification status of an individual that does not currently appear in the ProFinder. Please call (317) 637-9200, ext. 115, or send an e-mail request to: certification@acsm.org.
If you have questions about the ProFinder, please contact the ACSM National Office at 317-637-9200 ext. 115. To submit feedback regarding this service, send a note to certification@acsm.org.

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