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If your career involves fundamental and/or practical applications in teaching, research, or clinical settings, which encompass the disciplines of exercise physiology, biochemistry, motor control, psychology, athletic medicine, sociology of sports, rehabilitation, or growth and development, then select Basic and Applied Science as your area of interest.
Education and Allied Health:
If your primary career is in the teaching of others, whether in a formal educational setting or in a more informal setting, such as individual or group health-related functions under physician guidance or prescription then select Education and Allied Health as your area of interest.
If you are licensed to practice medicine and/or surgery or possess an equivalent licensure and your main occupation is the actual practice of the licensed profession then select Medicine as your area of interest.
Alliance of Health & Fitness Professionals:
For health & Fitness professionals and students wanting practical applications of exercise science and sports medicine then select Alliance of Health and Fitness Professionals as your interest area.
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